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Blink Marine CAN Bus Keypads

Blink Marine are experts in CAN bus enabled keypads. With a wide option of keypads available from 4-15 Button, they are a perfect accompaniment  to the Hardwire Electronics PDMs. Instead of needing to wire each individual switch to an input of the PDM, CAN bus keypads allow for a simple and robust system using just two CAN bus wire, power and ground. 

Added benefits over a traditional switch panel include -

  • A huge range of over 1000 individual button inserts to choose from

  • RGB LED back lit buttons. 

  • Multiple states per button, allowing for advanced functionality beyond a normal switch

  • IP67 water and dust ingress protection

  • Rotary dials with up-to 16 indentations and indication LEDs

  • Increased reliability

  • Output Fault status indication using the button LEDs

Blink Marine Keypad Range

Technical Statistics


  • Operating Voltage: 12/24V.

  • Standby Current: <50mA.

  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 70°C.

  • Construction: Silicone Rubber with polyurethane hardcoat.

  • IP Rating: IP67/IP69K water and dust resistant.

  • UV Protection: UVB 400 Hours.

  • Checmical Resistance: Deet, Engine Cleaner, Isopropyl Alcohol, Suntan Lotion, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Orange Citrus Cleaner, Muriatic Acid.

  • Connectors: Deutsch DT 4-Pin

  • Switch Life: 3 million operations.

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