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PDM 25+

PDM 25+


A PDM (Power Distribution Module) is a device used to replace conventional relays and fuses in a vehicle electrical system. The Hardwire Electronics PDM takes inputs from physical switches, analogue voltages, or the CAN bus, and provides power to different electronic devices such as radiator fans, fuel pumps and head lights. The current being drawn from each connected device is continuously monitored. If the measured current is too high due to a fault, the PDM switches off the respective output to prevent further damage to the wiring loom or the connected device. The PDM can then retry the output to see if the fault has cleared.

  • Product Details


    • PDM25
    • 4x Deutch DT Connectors + contacts
    • USB memory stick with PDM software and instructions preloaded
    • USB Cable
    • M8 ring terminal & cover
  • Technical Specification

    Advantages Over Fuses and Relays

    • Greatly simplifies system wiring and reduces system component count, saving you money overall when labour/ time is accounted for. 

    • Reduces the weight of the electrical system.

    • Provides increased reliability over traditional systems using mechanical relays. 

    • Solid state technology removes the problem of relay contact corrosion and relay bouncing in vibration heavy applications.

    • Smart features such as indicator and wiper motor modes remove the need for extra control units.

    • Current draw can be monitored and logged to pre-emptively detect faults.

    • CAN bus communication allows your PDM to send/receive data from other CAN bus devices in the vehicle, such as the vehicle ECU. This paves way for advanced control/ safety strategies such as automatic engine cut offs, fuel pump cut offs, radiator fan control and more. 

    • Easy integration with popular CAN bus keypads, improving system reliability and functionality.


    General Features

    • Size: 200x160x54mm

    • Weight: 660g

    • Operating Temperature: -55°C to 90°C (-67°F to 194°F)

    • Construction: Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic

    • IP Rating: IP67

    • Connectors: Deutsch DT 12-Pin

    • Update Rate: Up to 1000Hz Input and Output


    • Type: 16 Analogue inputs, which can also serve as digital inputs

    • Each input can measure voltages between 0-28V, independent of the battery voltage.

    • Measurement Resolution: 10-Bit, or 0.01V

    • Protection: Fully protected for input voltages from -24V to 40V

    • Each input has a software selectable 10K Pull-up or Pull-down resistor

    • Added Features: Current sourcing for ground switch detection. Configure as active high or low. Configurable Hysteresis voltage. Latching or momentary operation.


    • Type: 

      • 19 high side outputs 80A peak, 20A continuous. 
      • 4 hybrid high/low side outputs 80A peak, 20A continuous.
      • 2 reverse current protected outputs, for use with wiper motors. 80A peak, 20A continuous


    • Combined: 180A combined output maximum current

    • Output Current Control Steps: 100mA (0.1A)

    • Protection: Each output is overcurrent, overtemperature, load dump and reverse polarity protected.

    • PWM: Each output can be Pulse Width Modulated based on a user defined variable. This can limit the speed of radiator fans, fuel pumps, and dim lights.

    • Soft Start: PWM soft start can be enabled on outputs to limit inrush current.

    • Added Features: Outputs can be configured to stay on for a specified time after the input is removed, useful for thermo-fans. Outputs can be retried multiple times after an over-current event is detected.

    CAN Keypads:

    • Support for Blink Marine, Grayhill, and Marlin CAN keypads.
    • Up to four keypads can be used at once.

    CAN Bus

    • Interface: 2x CAN2.0A/B

    • Bus Speed: 50kbps, 100kbps, 125kbps, 250kbps, 500kbps, 1000kbps

    • Termination Resistor: Both CAN bus ports have software selectable CAN termination resistors.

    • Input Stream: 40 Inputs, fully customisable variable parsing with bit masking and math functions. A range of CAN config files are available to comunicate with common ECUs.

    • Output Stream: 40 Outputs, fully customisable CAN frame construction with math functions

    Data Logging

    • Storage: 128Mb of onboard flash storage for logging PDM data

    • Speed: 0.1Hz to 50Hz

    • Viewing: Data can be downloaded and graphed via the Hardwire Electronics PDM configurator software


    • Output Functions: Each Output can be switched with a user defined function

    • Logical Operators: AND, OR, NOR, XOR, NAND, NOR, >, >=, <, <=, Equal, Not Equal

    Maths Channels

    • Fully customisable Maths Functions

    • Mathematical Operators: Mathematical Operators - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Modulus, Choose, Min, Max

    • Binary Operators: AND, OR, XOR, Left Shift, Right Shift


    • Configurable counters which increment, decrement, and reset based on user defined conditions


    • Internal Wi-Fi module allows the user to configure the PDM wirelessly

    • The PDM Wi-Fi module can create its own Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to or alternatively the PDM Wi-Fi module can connect to an existing network.


    • Type: USB 2.0 Compliant Mini-B

    • Driver: Integrated driver for Windows 10


    • Rotation: 3-axis rotational position measurement 0.1° resolution
    • Gyroscope: 2000°/s 3-axis measurement
    • Accelerometer: -8g to 8g 3-axis measurement

    PC App

    • Name: Hardwire Electronics PDM configurator software.
    • Compatibility: Windows 10 machines
    • Connectivity: Easy connection to the PDM with USB and windows integrated drivers. No unreliable USB-serial converted needed.